Wimbledon Village
School of Ballet


We run a weekly timetable of classes ranging from complete beginners to more advanced examination classes. The timetable aims to be flexible to suit your child's needs.

Beginners Ballet

These are classes for children aged from 3 to 4 years. They last for 30 minutes and are designed to introduce basic ballet knowledge through movement, storytelling, mime and music.

Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet

These are classes for children aged from 5 to 6 years. They last for 40 minutes and children have progressed to being able to perform simple exercises, mimes and dances, and are developing a sense of musical appreciation. Children may be entered for examinations (Imperial Ballet Method) from aged 5 years upwards, though this is optional.

Levels 1 - 8 Class Tests / Grades

Intermediate and advanced classes for students and adults.

These are classes for children aged from 7 years and upwards, and are for preparing the more serious pupil for annual examinations. Children may start ballet at any age and are able to join at appropriate levels.

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet Classes on Tuesdays 11am and Thursdays 1pm.

For more information please contact: victoriabutcher@hotmail.co.uk